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About SRS-V50

Before explaining ​SRS-V50

Until now, we used NEDO's wind condition data when installing small wind turbines. However, the NEDO wind condition data targets wind turbines with a height of 30m or more, and the numerical values ​​are significantly different for towers with a height of 17 to 20m. It is also a wind condition data, and it is a reference level data. There are many people who have purchased small wind turbines in the past who regretted things like, "This wasn't supposed to be like this. I'll somehow supplement the income from selling electricity with solar power generation on surplus land." Since then, I have seen and heard many people who are leaning toward solar power generation investment, while investment in wind power generation is waning. However, in the case of photovoltaic power generation, even if about 100 days in a year are rainy or cloudy and sunny, the sunshine hours are only about 10 hours, which affects the solar radiation power and the utilization rate (power generation amount) is 25%. % or less. Originally, wind power generation is an epoch-making power generator that can generate power as long as the site conditions are met and the wind speed is 2.5m/s or more regardless of the day or night, except when there is no wind. At present, the demand for wind power generation is sluggish due to various effects caused by small wind power generation, and steady innovation is necessary to raise the level of investment. Therefore, we link the Weibull coefficient K and C data of the Japan Weather Association with the specifications of the wind turbine, and calculate the annual operation rate, utilization rate, power generation amount, power sales amount, and We have developed a realistic simulation system that displays expected yields, income and expenditure simulations for 20 years, and IRR.

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Optimal simulation system for investors
SRS-V50is an epoch-making simulation system that can be used as sufficient data for both investors who use loans and borrowers. below for referenceSRS-V50Please see the attached explanation of the simulation. Calculated at 2021 electricity sales price of 18 yen + 10% consumption tax.

 FIT price is 18 yen + tax, and the Kasana No. 15 wind farm, which has a low annual average wind speed, is used as an example for simulation.

About simulation data
Power generation data

​The power generation amount, availability rate, utilization rate, power generation price, and assumed yield are displayed along with the graph. Also, the graph below looks like a power curve of the utilization rate (Cp). * The power curve of wind power generation that you often see on the Internet is a utilization curve and does not represent the actual amount of power generated.

20-year balance simulation
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