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​ Company Profile

Our vision
of each industrial infrastructure
​ Cleanliness maintenance
  • Power supply facilities to reduce CO2 emissions, fishery/livestock/ice/refrigeration industry

  • Support: Installation of onshore wind power generation equipment / installation of solar power generation equipment / installation of power storage equipment

Renewable energy
Facilities used
  • Data Center/Welfare Facility/Community Center

Italy Lago and low voltage for Japan/
Manufacture of parts for high-pressure wind power generation
  • Compatible parts: blade (resin mold provided free of charge by Lago)

  • Cost reduction to increase demand for onshore wind power generation in Japan


・RAGO Green power SRL FURBA28-100

High-pressure wind power generation [private power consumption]
・RAGO Green power SRL FURBA28-50 

Low-voltage wind power generation [mainly for electricity sales business]

・HT-SOLAR Co. Ltd.

Solar panel [self power consumption] 

・MICA Power Co. Ltd.

Industrial large storage battery [self-consumption]


Frames/Fences/Piles [Auxiliary facilities for solar power generation]

About us

Souki Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: 1-13-2 Hazu, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Headquarters changed)

Representative Director: Masayuki Matsunaga

Capital: 10,100,000 yen

Phone: 0548-52-0755

FAX: 0548-52-0515

Business: Renewable energy business

Low pressure/high pressure wind generator machine

Contract manufacturing and sales of automatic water shut-off devices for stores

​ Emergency evacuation airbed sales

Construction office: 566-1 Osawa, Makinohara City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Phone: 0548-28-7713

​FAX: 0548-28-7712

Corporate number: 3080001021266

Electrical contractor registration: Shizuoka City Mayor Registration No. 1711825

​ Environmental disaster countermeasure products:

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